Is EMV ‘A Colossal Waste of Time’ for Retailers?

Recently Bill Trueman, director of UKFraud and RiskSkill, a globally famous eminent risk and fraud specialist published a post about the effect of EMV on Retailers which many retailers are concerned of in USA. Below is that post…

Before saying “EMV Return on Investment Unlikely for Retailers” we should consider some points. The only thing that surprises me about this “glass half-empty and cracked” view is that we did not see it earlier. Surprise surprise, everything has a business case. Sometimes it is clearly positive, others more difficult.

EMV has always been in the more difficult bucket. It is an infrastructure change, not just a few tweaks. It should have been treated more seriously and realistically. Of course it comes down to how you measure this and what you want to prove. It is easy to prove a negative position. More challenging to demonstrate a closer to break-even or soft benefit. We have known about it coming for a long time.

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